Movies That Are Hit To Mass Audiences

The soul of a movie proves whether it can captivate the hearts of the audience through excellent storytelling. But there are also some key factors. One of these has been the genre. The genre has been one of the main factors in attracting the audience. South Indian movies online have cleverly used this thing to their benefit. Whether it be action movies or horror movies, Telugu movies always include comedy as an integral part of their stories.

Similarly, the genre that has been the most popular among today’s mass audience has been the Rom-Com genre, short for Romantic-Comedy. When the film explores the chemistry of the actors through the romance genre, it also gives the audience something to laugh about with the comedic turn of events. This way of storytelling has become more popular over the years. Every year many films in that genre are released. Some go on to become super hits while some slip down. And last year saw the release of one of the best Rom-Com, Savaari. This film tickles your funny bone and at the same time delivers fantastic storytelling.


Written and Directed by SaahithMothkuri in his feature film debut. The film goes on to deliver a strong performance. The cinematography by

Monish Bhupathiraju helps a lot to the cause. The cast delivers a fantastically coordinated performance. Shekhar Chandra composed the songs and, upon release, went on to become hits.

The film was released on 7th February 2020 and had a runtime of 133 minutes. The main cast received lots of praise for their acting performances. The Story follows Raju (Nandu), who is busy trying to save money for his Horse Badshash’s heart operation. Then enter Baaghi (Priyanka Sharma), who turns his average life upside down, and what ensues is laughter and romance.

Raju is a horseman living in slums whose whole life revolves around his horse Badshah. He uses Badshah as a Savaari in weddings. When he discovers that Badshah is suffering from a heart problem that needs a lot of money to be operated on, he tries to save money. On the other hand, Baaghi comes from a well-settled family where her step-parents are forcing her to marry a 55-year-old man. She runs away from her wedding and enters the life of Raju. To make matters worse, Baaghi’s ex-boyfriend Sandy (Shiva Kumar) comes into the fold. The situation worsens for Raju when a gangster Kaali (Srikanth Reddy), is involved in the funny sub-plot. The onscreen chemistry between the leads will make the hearts of the audience flutter. There isn’t a single point in the movie where you won’t laugh. All the characters ensure that it is a fun fest. Oh! And did I forget to tell you? The whole Story is narrated by Badshah (Yes! The Horse).

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